R1000 Measuring Wheel

R1000 Measuring Wheel

Measuring Wheels

R1000 Measuring wheel with counter

The Imex R1000 is the most popular in the Imex range. It has been built to meet the needs of users and manufactured to be robust and hard-wearing, it has an in-built stand and brake and can fold down for easy transport.
The Imex R1000 distance measuring wheel is used around the world by members of the building, construction, infrastructure and survey industries as well as companies, civil services, institutions and almost anyone who needs to accurately measure distance.

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Measuring Wheel

R1000 Measuring wheel with counter

The Imex Measuring Wheels have been designed to be lightweight so easy to carry and tough enough to cope with the harshest environments. This range of measuring wheel can be used in many applications including fencing contractors, real estate agents, carpet layers, sporting groups, Cable measuring, ground surveying, local councils just to name a few. Using the R1000 will save hours everyday because its A) saves so much time B) has a high accuracy. The R1000 has a in-build brake, and 2 reset buttons, one on the counter and one on the handle.
Imex have manufactured this measuring wheel with solid fiberglass wheels for extra durability over harsh surfaces, they also have an easy fold down collapsible handle and carrying bag for ease of storage and transport. The freely rotating steel guide discs on either side of the wheel keep it on the wheel perfectly balanced for accurate results.

The reading is taken from the easy-to read mechanical counter.

The wheel adds when moving forwards and subtracts in reverse.

A re-set lever sets the counter back to zero.



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R1000 Measuring Wheel