Laser Digital Level with Laser Beam 600mm

Laser Digital Level with Laser Beam 600mm

Imex 600mm Laser Digital Level with Laser Beam

  • Laser Class 11/111. Emits a red dot to 30m, dependent on light.
  • 360° angle measuring. Large LCD Display. Display Hold.
  • Self calibration function. +/-0.1° Accuracy.

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Imex 600mm Laser Digital Level with Laser Beam

is dust and waterproof, extremely accurate with 0.05 degree reading at 0 degrees and 90 degrees and quick horizontal and vertical calibration, Angle inclination in 5 construction languages - units of measure (degrees, percent, in/ft (fractional), in/ft (decimal), mm/m, Automatic digit inversion for overhead measurements and working range on angle measurement is 4 x 90 degrees, Reference function making any slope "0.0" and hold a function. This Imex Laser Digital level has an instruction manual and provided with a soft-sided pouch. This Laser level produces a direct beam spot that can be seen up to 100 meters. The actual beam dot is 30.5mm higher than the base or top of the level. The beam is coming directly out of the end of the level in the middle.

Key product features:

Practical uses as a laser leveller or as a normal spirit level Integrated point laser that precisely transfers heights in the room

Other product advantages:
High-quality, bright laser diodes with have been manufactured with the new Imex Laser-Edge Technology TM for particularly clearly visible laser points.

The all new IMEX Laser Digital level range is based on high accuracy professional technology
for use in all construction applications. With heavy duty aluminium extrusions, these levels are
the level of choice for:-

• General building and construction
• Roofing and roof pitching and loft conversions
• Balustrades and staircases
• Plumbing and drainage this can be used as a pipe laser too
• Machine set-up
• Interior decorating
• Fencing and set out
• Window frame and door framing

Bottom line: These Imex Laser Digital level (s) with the laser pointer do cost more than their digital bubble-vial companions; to some, that will be the end of the story. Our contractors that have task specific applications use them say the added cost is in balance with the added functionality of these tools. They are extraordinarily easy to use, mostly foolproof, and super-accurate. At the end of the day, we believe that they not only enhance the functions of a standard box-beam level, but they also add features that aren't possible with a bubble vial.


Laser Digital Level with Laser Beam 600mm