Imex 300mm Digital Level Magnetic

Imex EL30 300mm Digital level Magnetic is a great little tool when working in a tight spot. The tool is easy to calibrate so you can get a high level of accuracy every time.

Its just one of those little extremely handy tools that you have on your tool box and it gets your job done just so much better. Once you have one we know that we will hear you say, if only I had owned one of these many years ago it would have saved me many hours of work, and its great to work with too.

The 360 degree measuring capability is good, extremely handy
The magnetic base is shaped as a “V” groove, this means it can be placed on any pipe securely and much more accurately

  • 360° angle measuring. Magnetic base.
  • Large LCD display. Self-Calibration function.
  • +/-0.1° Accuracy.

  • Description

    Imex Magnetic Base 300mm Digital Level Magnetic - EL30

    The IMEX digital level range is based on high accuracy professional technology for use in all construction applications. With heavy-duty aluminium extrusions, these levels are the level of choice for:

    • General Building and Construction
    • Roofing and roof pitching
    • Balustrades and staircases
    • Plumbing and drainage
    • Machine set-up
    • Interior decorating
    • Fencing
    • Window and door framing
    • 360° angle measuring. Large LCD display rotates 180° for overhead reading.
    • Heavy-duty magnetic base
    • Large LCD display
    • Measure in ° or %
    • Audible buzzer at 0°
    • Laser pointer for alignment to 50m
    • Padded bag

    Additional Information

    Weight 2 kg

    Imex 300mm Digital Level Magnetic