100m Stringlines

100m Stringlines

100m Stringlines for use by bricklayers, landscape ground workers. High visibility Green, Yellow or Pink, 8 strand nylon on handy reel. Very high Quality.

  • 100m stringline
  • High visibility fluorescent Green, Yellow or Pink
  • 8 strand braided nylon
  • Handy reel for winding / unwinding
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100m stringlines

100m Stringlines 8 strand braided nylon stringlines
Bonded and braided for greater durability
Not affected by extreme moisture, dryness or mildew. Abrasion and Alkali-Resistant
Hi vis fluorescent nylon brick line stands out and are easy to find on site or in your toolbox.
Ideal for Staking out sites before concreting, landscaping or laying bricks and blocks.
Comes on a plastic reel for easy use and storage.
First Choice Of Masons And Contractors
Built-in Elasticity Maintains Tension Imex 100m Stringlines is great for staking out sites for concrete and landscape layouts, and also ideal for brick and block laying. This premium quality 100m Stringlines
has been heat set after winding to stabilize and maintain its shape. Ideal for outdoor use as it will not be affected by mortar, oil, or mildew, and will not absorb water.

Professional Grade

Tool This 100m Stringlines is one of the oldest and most basic of hand tools, and it is commonly used in masonry and carpentry to help the user create a straight line between two reference points. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, and a string allows the user to mark the shortest distance, which helps to avoid sags or tilts in a structure. A tool that is hundreds of years old, a string line is typically either used in conjunction with a plumb bob, commonly referred to as a plumb line, or is chalked.
A string line is also sometimes used in surveying, but in many cases, laser equipment has replaced it for this purpose. The use of a plumb line or a chalk line is often based on personal preference as well as the task being accomplished This product has been developed with the professional contractor in mind, however since this has been developed it has been used for over one thousand uses. Some which do not directly relate to building. We could list them here but will leave it as there are too many.

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Weight 1 kg

Pink 8 braided string-line 100m, Yellow 8 braided string-line 100m, Green 8 braided string-line 100m


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100m Stringlines