Imex Power-Pro Tape Measures 5m (Metric only)


Double-Sided Tape Measure

The new Imex Double-sided tape measure has been designed for the professional tradesman. The double-sided print and the extra-wide magnetic hook makes those awkward measurements easy.

  • 5m, 8m and 10m
  • Thumb Lock
  • Double-Sided Balde
  • Extra WIde Hook
  • Magnetic Hook
  • Positive recoil
  • Ergonomic Design

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Double-Sided Tape Measure 5m Metric only

Highly accurate, durable and ergonomic. Double-Sided Tape Measure with metric and imperial scales. Impact-resistant case, class 2, 4 rivet hook, spring return mechanism and wide magnetic hook.



Imex Power-Pro Tape Measures 5m (Metric only)