Imex 1200mm Digital Level

  • 360° angle measuring. Magnetic base.
  • Large LCD display, rotates 180° for overhead reading.
  • Inclination direction indication. +/-0.1° Accuracy.


Imex 1200mm Digital Level

is an unequalled range of digital levels and angle finders
Need another set of hands? Just imagine you are putting in a worktop and you are on your own!
Just listen to the beep the Digital Level produces to get your level perfect. This Imex Digital Level will tell you exactly when your 100% level without you needing to see it, just listen.

Self Calibration function

This imex Digital Level has a self calibration function feature so that you can be sure of perfect levelling if you every drop or are concerned about the accuracy. You do not need a level surface to do this. The product comes with calibration certificate and instructions to explain how to self calibrate.
Precise results
The Imex Digital Level models aren’t more accurate than standard bubble levels; (We have a new standard spirit level that’s now the most accurate in the field) it’s just that their accuracy is easier to take advantage of. Besides being kinder to ageing eyes, a digital display means that you know exactly how level or plumb you are in inches or millimetres, and which way to move the tool if needed.
Digital accuracy: 0.100 degrees +/- accuracy continuously.
LCD screen means easy to read measurements, this also has a back light option for greater visibility.
360° readout – flips in upside-down position. Functional in all positions
HOLD function – make it easy to use even when you need to confirm the angle of the roof pitch or curb. Just place the unit on the rafter and press hold and this will save the reading for you.
MODE function gives the degree/percentage/in-ft
Buzzer at 0°, 45° and 90°
Low battery indicator
Waterproof padded bag included
Padded hand grip
Includes 2 AAA batteries

Bottom line: These Imex Digital levels cost more than their bubble-vial companions; to some, that will be the end of the story. Our contractors that use them say the added cost is in balance with the added functionality of these tools. They are extraordinarily easy (and fun) to use, mostly foolproof, and super-accurate. At the end of the day, we believe that they not only enhance the functions of a standard box-beam level, but they also add features that aren’t possible with a bubble vial.


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Imex 1200mm Digital Level