Digital Level 600mm MK11

SKU: 002-EL60-1

Imex 600mm Digital spirit Level

Highly accurate digital spirit level that measures to the nearest 0.1mm/m at level and plumb. Contains a horizontal, vertical and digital vial. Buzzer sound alert at 0°, 45° and 90°. LCD screen features 360° readout and the display flips to an upside down position for easier reading. Measures in degrees, percentage and mm/m. Supplied with a water-resistant bag.


Accurate to 0.1mm/m at Level Plumb

Accurate to 0.2mm/m at all Other Angles

Backlit LCD Display

360° Display Readout

Horizontal Vertical Vials

Units Displayed as °, % mm/m

Recalibration Function

Audible Signal at 0°, 45° 90°

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Imex 600mm Digital Spirit Level

The Imex El60 MK11 digital spirit level is one of the most accurate digital spirit levels on the market today.


  • Extra large buttons so is asy to use when wearing work gloves.
  • Siliconised buttons to prevent dirt clinging to them
  • Vertical vial mirror for greater visubility
  • Accurate to 2 x decimal places.
  • Beeps when horizontal and vertical

Self Calibration function

This EL60 MK11 imex Digital Level has a self calibration function feature so that you can be sure of perfect levelling. If you ever drop the tool or are concerned about the accuracy then you can follow the simple instructions to re calibrate. You do not need a level surface to do this, just a flat one.

LCD screen means easy to read measurements, this also has a back light option for greater visibility.
360° readout – flips in upside-down position. Functional in all positions
HOLD function – make it easy to use even when you need to confirm the angle of the roof pitch or curb. Just place the unit on the rafter and press hold and this will save the reading for you.
MODE function gives the degree/percentage/in-ft
Buzzer at 0°, 45° and 90°
Low battery indicator
Padded bag included
Padded hand grip
Includes 9V batteries


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Digital Level 600mm MK11